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The Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) -  former Schloss-Seminar - celebrates its 20th anniversary.


In the year 2000, exactly at the start of the new millenium, Dr. Beate Egner founded Schloss-Seminar. In 2004 the business division Vet Publishing was added. In the meantime numerous veterinary bestsellers have been  published; among them is "Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals", which was launched in 2019. Within just one year it became the new standardwork in this field. 


In 2006 Dr. Beate Egner transformed the business divisions into a limited liability company named VBS GmbH. Dr. Egner is CEO of this company. The three main pillars are Vet Publishing (Vet Verlag),  Consulting (Beratung) and Seminars (Seminare). Thanks to those pillars the VBS GmbH was not only able to master all ups and downs so far, but also to let the business grow continously and internationally.

The VBS GmbH runs a lean management of 7 permanent employees and more than 50 freelance employees worldwide, which enables the VBS GmbH to act quick and flexible in the particular countries, also in terms of strategic decisions.


This can often make the difference, especially in the present COVID pandemic times: The VBS GmbH was able to respond switly and unbureauscratically in terms of business structure and could continue running the CPD programs in a new Covid adapted layout, start new book projects and expand its consulting business.


Schloss-Seminar has been recognized internationally, partners with the University of Tennessee (UT) and many other universities worldwide and was integrated into the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL). VAHL has gained the worldwide reputation of offering and conducting high-quality, academic CPD programs. Furthermore VAHL works actively in lobbying the profession of the veterinary physical physicans, which stresses out the importance of the veterinarian in this context.

Dr. Egner also stresses out,  that the team approach is essential for a successful implementation of physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine,  This requires professional education of the veterinarian, the veterinary assistant and also close collaboration with the patient owner.


In April 2020 the weekly VAHL webinars started. They are currently free of charge, are held from specialists all over the world and their topics cover small animals and horses. At present VAHL counts more than 900 VAHL webinar participants.


In September 2020 the VAHL symposia started. They are planned to run on Wednesdays,  in a 2 or 3 month turn.Currently the preparations for the next Symposium are running. It is going to take place on January 20th, 2021. Cooperation partner is Physia®, the topic is: "In focus: therapeutic laser ".


PD Dr. Barbara Bockstahler, president of the European College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ECVSMR) is going to talk about the importance of a sound education, starting with the CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) up to the level of an ECVSMR diplomate, which is going to be supported by her intense scientific research. The CCRP education is also going to take place as a so called "Universitätslehrgang" (university course) at the Vetmeduni Vienna in 2021.


Dr. Barbara Esteve Ratsch, CCRP, Academic expert in veterinary physical medicine and rehabilitation for dogs (Austria), who meanwhile also is a recognized laser expert, is professionally going to guide through the program.


The company Physia ® is providing many information on the topic laser on its website and is also going to provide a voucher.


Dr. Egner: "This underlines the importance of interdisciplinary cooperations as well as creating synergies out of education-practice-industry, with a targeting step towards a multimodal patient management."


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company, the VBS GmbH raffies off all participants the following wins:

  • 1 online course "Certified Applied Anatomy and Trigger Points" (value 295 Euro)
  • 3 reference books: "Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals" (value: approx. 175 Euro each)
  • 3 Calinobio Thermotherapy sets (value: 80 Euro each)
  • Note: It is not possible to pay out the benefits in cash. There is no right to appeal.

Conditions of participation: Send your request - keyword: HUNDERUNDEN, your full name and e-mail address to: beate.egner@vahl-academy.com


www.vahl-academy.com - https://vbsgroup.eu







Continuing education


VAHL Webinars during COVID

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Overview: Course dates 2022-23
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The VBS GmbH - umbrella of the VAHL - updated the long version of its name:

The new long name is: VBS VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH

Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL)

In 2000, Dr. Beate Egner founded Schloss Seminar and began organizing veterinary education and continuing education programs in Germany.  Schloss Seminar has been recognized internationally and was integrated into the newly established VAHL.



April/May 2022

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