These are the advantages of our program:

The University of Tennessee Certificate Program in Canine Physical Rehabilitation is the only program in veterinary rehabilitation to win the distinguished Outstanding Non-Credit Program Award by the Association for Continuing Higher Education.

Our instructors are the leaders in veterinary rehabilitation and have written the most important books and scientific literature regarding rehabilitation.  Wouldn’t you rather learn information directly from these instructors rather than others who only read the information and try to teach it? Read more >>

Emphasis on evidenced-based medicine!

Original and only university based program since 1999. We have hundreds of graduates from dozens of countries world wide

Commitment to presenting a comprehensive curriculum that provides a solid foundation upon which to treat routine and complicated clinical cases, and to build and improve clinical practice in veterinary rehabilitation. Read more >>

Our graduates are leaders in veterinary rehabilitation.

The Competencies after a successfully completed CCRP course:

Read more about the 37 competencies of succesfully completed CCRP course >>

This education means a real step forward in your professional life!

  • Financially
  • Image building
    • CCRP has the highest reputation amongst rehab education
    • Rehab is nowadays expected by pet owners as standard in a good clinic
  • Searched specialists
    • many clinics are in need of a high level educated rehab specialists


Continuing education

New e-learning available

Introduction to Canine Manual Therapy and Kinesiology Taping for Dogs



Why is Rehab so important - Interactive Seminar in Prague

30. June 2018


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Vetoquinol Mobility Program

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February 2018

The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center is looking for a
certified or certification eligible Animal Care Technician Specialist

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