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ASAveterinary is the veterinary division of ASAlaser, an advanced medical technology manufacturer. Research and experience have enabled the growth of MLS® Laser therapy, an innovative therapeutic technique patented in the USA for effectively treating complaints that commonly affect household pets, horses and exotic species.

Calinobio  provides products for superficial thermotherapy. Available for small animals and horses.

Drott ist Marktführer für die Medizintechnik in Österreich. Der Bereich Veterinärmedizin bietet Produkte zur Radiofrequenz-Veterinärmedizin, Lasertherapie-Veterinärmedizin, Magnetfeld-Veterinärmedizin sowie funktionellem Taping an.

INDIBA® Animal Health uses the monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES technology at a constant frequency of 448 kHz, which gives it unique properties that allow to generate thermal and subthermal effects that accelerate tissue recovery. It  can be combined with any other therapeutic technique such as manual therapy, plus the exercises performed are more effective as it produces relaxation on the animal and improves tissue irrigation, elasticity, and cell regeneration capacity.

Physia  provides products for small animal, equine and farm animal practice, such as MLS® Lasertherapy; located in Germany.

PulseVet is a worldwide leader in regenerative veterinary medicine committed to only the highest standards in quality and innovation.  PulseVet is focused on only providing clinically tested and proven solutions to discerning veterinarians and surgeons. With a reputation as the authority on shock wave,PulseVet understands the importance of bringing only the best products and service to the industry. Imitated, yet never matched, PulseVet is uncompromising when the health of animals is at stake.

S+B medVet is a manufacturer and distributor of a whole range of units for physiotherapy including electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, softlaser, magnetic field. Its own patented development is a TENS unit (PT3010-P) with plastic needle E-Pads (brush type electrodes) for deep stimulation without the need of clipping the fur.

The 10th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world and the 3rd largest dedicated to animal health, Vétoquinol is first and foremost an independent, family-owned business.

MIKAN is a trademark of BELPHORE INTERNATIONAL established in 2009 to respond to a pending French veterinarians and pet owners. Serving pet owners. Serving veterinarians

Vetman serves the practical with the animals engaged in work of professionals. We develop, import, market and sell in veterinary medicine and animal care necessary equipment, tools and supplies. We represent the industry's leading manufacturers of supplies and equipment.

Scientific Partners

The Veterinary European Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Association

ASSVAP exists to promote the science of physiotherapy for animals, and to create an interface between Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Physiotherapists, for the transfer of information between veterinary professionals, leading to improvement of animal welfare across all species.

Veterinary rehabilitation is a specialised field of veterinary medicine. Although this is a relatively new area, there is now growing interest and acceptance within the veterinary profession in the UK.

The International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and physical therapy is dedicated to the practice, teaching, and research of veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy, furthering scientific investigation, and providing better patient care based on sound scientific study.


Continuing education


VAHL Webinars started in April 2020 in order to "keep you moving" during the COVID situation

From 2022 on they take place approx. 1x/month, click here

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Vetoquinol Mobility Program

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Overview: Course dates 2022-23
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On July 1st, 2022 VAHL became the exclusive partner of all Vet CE of the University of Tennessee for the North American continent, which completes its international approach to an exclusive world wide partnership.

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The VBS-Webshop is online!


The VBS GmbH - umbrella of the VAHL - updated the long version of its name:

The new long name is: VBS VetVerlag, Beratung und Seminar GmbH

Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL)

In 2000, Dr. Beate Egner founded Schloss Seminar and began organizing veterinary education and continuing education programs in Germany.  Schloss Seminar has been recognized internationally and was integrated into the newly established VAHL.



July 2022

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